Khatarnak Hip-Hop Collective To Perform at AntiSocial in Delhi


Khatarnak Hip-Hop Collective AntiSocial Image 2

Well, we think this month is lucky for hip-hop lovers because a number of happening events are taking place. We mean whenever you open your Facebook there is mention of an event being held near you. The newest one is of Khatarnak Hip-hop Collective’s event.

We will not dwell in the international events for the time being but will focus at an event that is to be held on the 27th of April, at Antisocial Club, here in Hauz Khas, Delhi, from 9.30 pm onwards. The entry will cost you around Rs.300. The name of the event is ‘The Clash’, and it will be a performance by these two – The Alternative Electronics bunch ‘Karajimo’ and the dopest hip hop crew in Delhi ‘Khatarnaak Hip-Hop Collective’. The event is brought to you by 4/4 Entertainment.

For people who don’t know what clash is, it is a monthly event in which a local talent is put in front of an audience to perform and show their talent and mesmerize them. It is all about blending genres and cultures of different music genre and make an unforgettable memory, which is to remain until the end of times.

Well, Karajimo is an alternative electronic rock project and the man behind this project is Viraj Mohan, what is now a full-blown band was once and experiment to see the effects of bringing together different artist and making them perform together. The current crew consists of the following –

Viraj Mohan – On guitars [Also the producer],

Abhishek Bhatia – On vocals,

Nikhil Raj – On bass,

Anshul Lall – On drums and percussions.

And we can say with surety that we do not need any kind of information on Khatarnaak Hip Hop Collective because you are a fool if do not know who these people are. Okay for those who really do not know and are new to hip hop, they are a group of the best rappers, emcees, break dancers and graffiti artist in the whole underground scene.

So, we hope to see you at Antisocial at Hauz Khas on this Thursday. Because it is going to be one hell of the clash, so Delhi be ready to blow your minds off.

Check out  AntiSocial’s Facebook page confirming the event: