Khasi Bloodz’s Latest Release Is Worth The Appreciation!

Khasi Bloodz, this name is now quite prominent in underground rap scene and was in news for their hit track name ‘Anthem for North East’ which came out under 101 HipHop Home Land project. North-East India has got a lot of talented artists and has always been a favourable place for music and has been proven by Bollywood as well in the movie Rock On 2.

Khasi Bloodz is one such crew From Meghalaya. North-East India usually raps in English or some regional language – Khasi. They have recently performed in Mumbai and local gigs and gathered audience and fans from across the city.

Recently, they dropped a track called ‘Don’t Stop’ which featured Meba Ofilia along side members of Khasi BloodzD-Bok and Big Ri. The lyrics were written by the three mentioned above as Meba did the first verse and the hook part, the second verse is sung by D-Bok and the third by Big Ri respectively. The track is produced by Lamonte Pakyntein and mixed & mastered by Ardon Rumnong.

On talking to one of the artist From Khasi bloodz D Bok , He gave us the idea behing the track, he say’s ‘The idea behind all of this came from the fact that our music and what we do is still being slept on by the hiphop community here in India,i was depressed and lost alot of confidence when i saw alot of wackass rappers getting all the attention they didn’t deserve,it literally drove me crazy and everything was falling apart but inspite all of this i was so driven by all the pain and anxiety,inspired by the situation that i was in,i started to write about what i was going through as an artist and eventually came up with the song “Dont Stop”‘.

The track is all about their struggle , there tough early life and how they overcome the Circumstance and motivates others to do the same by spreading the message and urge the mass not to stop, in the Hook by Meba ofilia : “Don’t stop , keep going and don’t stop, Don’t stop, it’s working, don’t stop. Do it when you say, go do it for you ,Not for anyone no”.

In the second verse D-Bok says “I been down and I been hurtin,i been lost and i been serving,all these bloody venomous serpents,am i slowly killin this art?am i dying away with this passion?still got a lil bit of soul but i am done searching, Imma dead man walkin,i ain’t lookin for salvation i just wanna go Cobain,Lord knows I’ll never find Nirvana if i don’t walk out this game”.

On talking to him he says , these lines were written on him about his early life and which he do not want to continue and want’s to move on and live a new one. In the third verse Big Ri impress with his catchy flow when he spit’s: “All I need was inspiration to be fuelling my art,All i need is a job : ‘need’ is a jerk and the brother of ‘want’ the retard : together we’re like ‘the three stooges’ till death do us part”.

We have few words from Big Ri him self he quotes ‘The track stands for every single person trying to maintain that state of mind because of the huge pressure life applies upon them. Perseverance is a must”. Overall the track is dope and hit perfectly on point to spread the message and would like to hear more such tracks from them.

You can hear the track for yourself and decide :