Kevin G’s Iconic Rap in Mean Girls Still Gets People Going

People have become hugely popular for a moment or an incident or a song that goes down in history and is never ever forgotten. Kevin G’s famous rap from Mean Girls circa 2004 still rings in people’s hearts. 12 years down the line, the legacy still continues. Fans still quote him and they even stop Rajiv Surendra who played Kevin Gnapoor on the street to recite the rap to him.


When Surendra revisits his work from back then but he has found his own path pursuing other artistic paths. His rap became a hit which went down during North Shore High School’s talent show.  Surendra talks about how his character on Tina Fey’s script which described his character Kevin Gnor as a completely American Asian math nerd. They were apparently only auditioning Chinese guys. Surendra was noticed and selected to play Kevin Gnapoor which rhymed with “make love to your woman on the bathroom floor.


The rap portion was written by Tina Fey as an important part of the film especially for Surendra’s character. While he did not take it that seriously, considering it a comic relief, he didn’t realise that it was one of the most important chunks in the film and had been written as an important part of the project. Surendra realised it’s role only when Fey and Amy Poehler recreated the scene to help Surendra prepare for his part. A night before the actual shoot, Tina and Amy knocked on Surendra’s trailer door and gave him a video cassette which had a 90 second clip of Pehler rapping while Fey and Lohan and a Mean Girls producer dancing in the background in a hotel room.


Surendra is in gratitude to Bollywood actress Padmini who at the age of 74 was full of gratitude to her fans because it’s only the audience and their love for her that kept her going through life. What Kevin took from it was that one cannot take things for granted; that Kevin G was such an important moment in his life; so important that people still remember that rap section and he is thankful for the love forever.