Kendrick Lamar And J.Cole Collaborative Album Is Happening

The rumors around Kendrick Lamar‘s and J.Cole collaborative album have been in the discussion every now and then. Well Ab-Soul has confirmed that the collaborative album is not a rumor but something which is very concrete.

Ab-Soul landed up at the the Breakfast Club for the promotion of his album ‘Do What Thou Wilt‘ and just revealed that they have been working on the album for quite some time and it will be as epic as it is expected to be.

Ab-Soul said “I can’t speak on that,” when Charlamagne asked if he was going to be featuring on that project. Chamlamagne being as curious as he is forced the answer out of him

They got something in the works, They’ve been working on that motherf***er for a while” said Ab-Soul. Kendrick heads and J.Cole heads have been flipping the fuck out since they heard about this.