KDM Mixtape – The Story So Far

It’s been a whole 6 months since the first track from the KDM Mixtape was dropped, and since then Bohemia and his crew have released a further 7 tracks, all with videos, to much delight of his fans. Here we are going to recap the tracks from the mixtape and what traction they have had online since they were released.

‘Muqabla’ ft J.Hind, Bohemia & Shaxe Oriah

The first track to drop back in March of this year was ‘Muqabla’ which featured J.Hind, BOHEMIA & Shaxe Oriah. The track since its release has amassed over 850,000 views on YouTube and is still going strong.

‘Gametime’ ft Bohemia, J.Hind, Shaxe Oriah, Parddhaan, Haji Springer, Raxstar, 3AM Sukhi, Young Desi, Gangis Khan & Deep Jandu

This track sent shockwaves through the desi hip hop scene – without a question one of the heaviest line ups ever seen on 1 desi hip hop track. The beat, Produced by Bohemia himself, tied together all the different styles of each artist and the rest is history. Released in April, the track has already racked up over 500,000 views.

‘Young Indian’ – 3AM Sukhi ft. Haji Springer & Harmillz

The 3rd release from the KDM Mixtape was the trifecta of 3AM Sukhi, Haji Springer & Harmills. Not one of my favourite tracks if I am being honest but it still came through with the signature KDM sound. Released in early May, the track only has 160,000 views, much less when compared to the other tracks from the mixtape.


‘Desi’s’ – Haji Springer Ft Raxstar, Pardhaan

In case you were unsure, this track was to confirm that the KDM crew are doing music for ‘The Desi’s’ – One of my personal favourites from the mixtape, Haji, Pardhaan & Raxstar absolutely smash this track and the video is pretty dope-ass as well. The fans seem to agree as the video has had a whopping 500,000 views since its release in May.

‘Click Click Boom’ – Roach Killa & Blitz

Ok, so the less we say about this track the better. ‘Click Click Boom’ by Roach Killa and Blitz did very little “boom’ and more ‘click click’ to the next button on the video and the small number of views when compared to the rest of the mixtape tracks proves this. Only at 50,000 since it dropped in June.

‘Gaddi Meri’ – Sunny Boy ft. Haji Springer

If view counts are to go by then this track has been the biggest hit so far from the mixtape – stacking up a MASSIVE 1.4 million views since it dropped in June, Sunny Boy and Haji have a certified banger on their hands. However, some might start reading the comment section and think things don’t stack up. There’s a lot of negative feedback on the track which may lead some people to believe that these views have been purchased…?

‘Note’ – Kauratan

Every crew needs a female to balance out the XY to XX ratio and KDM has Kauratan. “Note’, produced by Haji Springer, was the 7th track from the KDM Mixtape and added a little needed femininity to the crew. Racking up an average 100,000 views since it dropped, this track didn’t do that much to cement Kauratans place as one of the top femcees in the game.

‘Gully’ – 3AM Sukhi ft. Haji Springer & Jay R

The most recent release from the Mixtape again features the duo of Haji Springer & 3AM Sukhi but this time introduced KDM newcomer Jay R – we’re still to see what the feedback of this track is at the moment but having notched up over 80,000 views in the first couple of days, isn’t a bad sign.

The last video concludes the mixtape so far, but we’re sure that Bohemia and his crew have a few more tricks up their sleeve before they close of the KDM Mixtape Volume 1 chapter.

Bohemia fans also have his solo project in the pipeline so overall it’s looking like its going to be KDM’s year.