Katal Kalaa by Bandish Projekt x MC Mawali x MC Todfod

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Bandish Projekt is one of the most prominent electronic acts which features a fusion of a variety of Indian elements in an electronic design. “Bandish Projekt” are considered to be the pioneers in what they do, their sound is constantly evolving and their experimental approach has helped them gain a massive following. They were formed in 1998 by Mayur Narvekar, Udyan Sagar (Nucleya), and Mehirr Nath Choppra.

Kar Natak Mawali Tod Fod

Always trying to be innovative, their latest efforts involve two Bombay rappers MC Mawali and MC TodFod. Their collaborative efforts yielded, ‘Katal Kalaa‘ which is a 5 track EP and discusses various issues revolving around street life in Mumbai. This EP was created over the last 12 months and they also dropped a music video for Kar Natak which was filmed in the heart of labor camp, Dharavi Mumbai.


I heard Mawali and TodFod for the first time in the Mumbai cypher which was initiated by Mumbai’s Finest. They were dope back then and have still managed to reach new heights. Their pen game throughout the tape has been fantastic and their maturity is way ahead of their time. They have captured their everyday struggles brilliantly and the production accompanies it perfectly. My favorite track from the EP was ‘Kar Natak’ and it is next to impossible to chose who was a rapper.

Tod Fod

The following are a few TodFod bars from the track:

“Nikalta gharse pakadta local is bheed me khokar
Anjana hokar me bhatku har pal
Aur harr gali ke lafde toh jaise sar dard
Tu jee ya darr marr kya khush tu ladh kar”

Mawali also went in full ham:

“Khali jeb akhe bharke kwab dekh
rang badalte log
zaruratpe tang
Wade karte tu,
Bhalte Bajte tu
paile kash mai tum pang
Ka fi peeche tum
Aaj bhi neeche tum”.

I am grateful that Desi Hip-Hop is also fusing with other genres and giving birth to some really good music and sounds, this particular sound is relatively niche and this collaboration is a perfect example of how to approach this. The entire ‘Katal Kalaa’ EP is dope and is a must check out.