Karan Johar Used Badshah To Convince A.R. Rahman For ‘Humma Humma’

The latest trend to hit Bollywood classics is remaking or reworking on classics from the 90s. The last addition to this trend went pretty viral and is still piling views was ‘Humma Humma‘.

The track is originally from the Mani Ratnam movie, ‘Bombay‘. The track is also now a part of the album ‘OK Jaanu‘ which was recently released.


A.R.Rahman recently confessed in an interview that he wasn’t too happy with the concept of remaking the song. When the producer of ‘OK Jaanu’ Karan Johar approached A.R. Rahman for the remake rights, Rahman revealed that he had instantly refused. It seems Karan is aware of the exponential growth of hip-hop and played it like a trump card. He convinced A.R.Rahman by saying that Badshah can maybe add a little verse and make the track a commercial success. Well, the track did become big hit proving that Karan Johar knew what he was saying.

A.R.Rahman recently recreated his own hit track ‘Urvashi Urvashi’ track from the film ‘Humse Hai Muqabla‘. Well, this can be considered a little hypocritical considering the fact that he was not very enthusiastic about ‘Humma Humma’. Regardless both the tracks are doing supreme and should be checked out.