Did Kanye West Fake His Mental Breakdown ?

All of us saw the Kanye West meltdown on November 19th during his performance in Sacramento. Here is the thing was it a meltdown in the first place or was it an honest rant about the way things are taking place in the entertainment industry and politics?


Rick Ross took centre stage at A$AP Ferg’s Traplord pop-up shop in New York and addressed the crowd “One time for Yeezy, my homie a genius. And for everybody who thought he was weirding out, he played y’all niggas.” A lot of folks have perceived this as a hint that Kanye was alright all this while and was under forced care in the hospital only to seal the truth.

In his rant he mentioned that the Radio, Google and Facebook is controlled by a higher power. All of us have often complained that the radio plays a lot of corny and cheesy music so there is definitely some truth in Kanye’s speech.


He showered his praise for the A$AP crew, Kid Cudi and Beyonce but then got back to his agenda of exposing the industry. He indomitably also mentioned about the threats he was going to get for speaking his mind naked and absolutely shook up everyone when he mentioned Jay Z‘s name in his speech and it seems he was referring to some sort of an already existing conflict between the two.

He also went ahead to include Barack and Hillary in his rant but it was not sure of what he exactly meant, “It’s a new world, Hillary Clinton, it’s a new world. Feelings matter. Because guess what? Everybody in middle America felt a way and they showed you how they felt. Feelings matter, bro. It’s a new world. It’s a new world, Barack. It’s a new world, Jay Z. Hey, don’t send killers at my head, bro. This ain’t the Malcolm X movie. We growing from that moment. Let ‘Ye be ‘Ye. And wait a second. Do y’all agree with that? Let ‘Ye be ‘Ye. Wait a second. I ain’t hear enough screams on that. Let ‘Ye be ‘Ye.

It seems like Kanye West is trying to address some sort of Third World Government controlling everything. A few have also gone ahead to say that Kanye West was trying to expose Illuminati but was stopped by people working for them.