Kanye West And Drake To Boycott The Grammys

The Grammys are considered to be the most celebrated award ceremony but when comes to music, however it has always always remained a source of controversy as well. This year two of the biggest hip-hop artists won’t be attending the show, according to the reports of TMZ, Kanye West and Drake will give Grammy’s a miss this year, when they are scheduled on February 12th.

According to some reports, Drake’s reason is that he will be in Europe on the ‘Boy Meets World Tour’. Drizzy is nominated for eight awards, including album of the year with views.

Kanye’s reason for skipping out Grammy’s isn’t clear as there is no statement made by the rapper yet, We cannot neglect the fact that Kanye has never won an Grammy when nominated against a white artist and this might be a reason for his absence this time.

Yeezy has 21 Grammy’s in his kitty and is up for eight more nominations this year. He has previously questioned the academy saying that Young Thug, Future and A$AP Rocky need more recognition. Kanye is known for his embarrassing activities on award shows, last year he followed Beck onto the stage when the singer won Album of the Year. Kanye had threatened to boycott the awards if the Academy did not bend its rule and give him a nomination over white artists.

Frank Ocean will not be at the Grammy’s also as he chose not to submit his Blonde album for consideration. In addition, Justin Bieber will not be at the ceremony either as he believes that Grammy’s are not reflective of what matters to the youth.

Many artists have blamed the Grammy’s for not properly representing Hip hop before, especially in the case of Kendrick Lamar when Macklemore beat him in 2014 for numerous awards including Best Rap Album.

But there is still chance for Hip Hop this year as Chance The Rapper has nominated for seven awards.