“Kalam” by The Siege Talks About Discontent!


Mumbai-based rapper, The Siege, released a powerful music video for his single “Kalam” this past week. “Kalam”, a track that he had written way back in 2016, contains rage and guilt pushed with powerful bars. When asked, Siege calls this song the sound of his soul. Using the art form he is blessed with, he addresses what he sees and observes around him.

The Siege describes what he sees and asks you, the listener, why are you still okay with all this? Unfortunately, he finds that the song still remains relevant and nothing really changed even after a year of it being written. Similarly, this video was made as an effort to push the message even further, crossing boundaries only to destroy them.

While a lot of things about this song stands out, the lyricism displayed in this track is impeccable and comes out as a highlight- relatable, raw, real and most of all, true. This only shows that this young rapper at 19 years of age, is here to stay and change.

The video is another treat to the listeners and viewers. Directed by Mumbai-based cinematographer Rahul Chavan of team Rolling Shutter, this video contains visuals that display the rawness and gritty nature of the track. The costumes used in the video portrays a “rebel with a cause” character which does full justice to the song. For every one out there looking for fresh conscious rap, The Siege is the man to look forward to.

Watch “Kalam” by The Siege here: