Kaint Look – Guri & Pardhaan


Pardhaan is keeping himself busy in 2016 with back to back releases. His last track was an ode to his recently lost homies, JB and Sam. He is now back and this time has linked up with Guri from Punjab and you know it is going to be mayhem when Haryana and Punjab come together on a track. ‘Kaint Look‘ is about the ‘Kaint Look’ of a girl which literally translates to stunning looks of a women.


Like almost all Punjabi singers Guri is blessed with great voice and impeccable throw. The topic is entertaining and has him passing threats to anyone and everyone if they comment upon the stunning looks of a women and Guri has managed to do that in his own way. Snappy like always killed it on the production and I am certain the acoustics on the hook will get you to groove if not to do Bhangra on it.

Pardhaan comes in with a trademark verse and manages to deliver punch line after punch line. His content is very grimy but then the poetic delivery smooths it out. This OG knows what needs to be done and proved that there is no need to sound commercial on a Punjabi track, you can spit a heavy sixteen even when you have a dhol for a snare.

The track comes with very Punjabi video and supports the track almost perfectly. It was edited and graded by Varun Arora ( Imaginationz Studios ). The D.O.P did a great job and was Pree-T cam. A lot of Pardhaan’s videos are now being done by Vin and Him and they are doing justice to his music.