Judge Which Bollywood Star is ‘Frederick’ in Gravity’s Latest Release

Akshay Poojary aka Gravity is a Nallasopara, Mumbai-based artist from Mangalore, Karnataka. He is the initial member & founder of his Hip-Hop crew Death Clutch. He has been there in the scene from last two years and has earned some serious reputation in the Mumbai underground scene. He is the guy behind tracks like SaraanshShaam which were produced by his fellow crew member who goes by his artist moniker Brayne Dead. This producer is very good at producing Hip-Hop and EDM instrumentals.

They both are here again with a ‘Fredrick Kaun?‘ that has a twist in it. Yes, it’s a diss track but Gravity has not dissed any of his rivals but a Bollywood superstar. No, it’s not for any social cause. It’s for entertainment and just for entertainment.

15621929_1240874816005490_5899312884835468978_n‘Fredrick Kaun?’ is a question that he has asked everyone by keeping it as the title of his song. It’s a diss on none other than the ‘Bhai of Bollywood‘, Salman Khan. Yes, It’s true and I’m not high on Class-A drugs. Salman’s name has been involved in serious controversies & unlawful acts in the past. Allegations of hunting a Black Buck, the assertion of manslaughter that he did by his car while he was high on alcohol are a couple of examples from the list of blames that he has been facing from the beginning of his career.

Gravity literally researched on every blunder that Salman has done or was blamed for & decided to poke his sensitive side by using rhymes that are funny to us but are rage driven simultaneously. He even took shots on his past relationships & what not. Akshay has filled his bars with sarcasm that questions are a court of law. Brayne Dead produced you an amazing instrumental for Gravity to spit on and everything he did while mixing and mastering this project came out to be on point. Flop Show Studio has done the spectrum video for this track.

I guess, Gravity is not happy with the verdicts that came out in the favour of Salman in both of the major cases that he was involved in. Whatever the reason is, this track is surely a piece that you should not sleep on.

Listen ‘Fredrick Kaun?’ by Gravity here: