The Journey of ‘Stunnah Beatz’ From A Nobody To Somebody


Stunnah Beatz is a Guwahati based music producer who started off as a text battler. He got introduced to Insignia (a rap battle group on Orkut). It was all for fun in the beginning but it slowly dragged him into rapping and he did a few cover songs and a few originals with his brother Sez. Later he started learning music production just to play with his vocals and got hooked into the production scene forever. He was sending beats to artists all over the world and after he stepped into the market, he got a little frustrated as he felt that he was going nowhere and was earning nothing from it.

Stunnah saw a few producers who were making a load of money from selling beats online. He closely monitored how they did business with their clients and implemented the same ideas. His Youtube channel ‘Stunnahbeatz‘ was created and after a few months, he sold his first beat for only 20$ and that was the biggest motivation for him in the game. Since then, the growth he has picked up is remarkable as he has sold over thousands of beats to artists online. Selling beats online has really helped him to discover and build relationships with lots of artists globally, even A&Rs from Cinematic Group Records and many other independent labels have stopped by to purchase beats from them. There are lots of songs made over his beats such as Tu Quieres Volver‘ by Albert 06 El Veterano, ‘Melanin‘ by Pat Rzl, ‘Switchin Lanes‘ by  Marvin Dolo etc. which are his personal favourites.

This year apart from selling beats, he is working with a few artists like Shane, Daniel Nwosu Jr. aka Dax, Jay Mac, Bebe V, Marvin Dolo and will release some albums. His track with Daniel Nwosu Jr. aka Dax is coming soon. Dax is a Canadian rapper and is managed by the G-Eazy manager who made that famous track ‘Hilly Hilly Hilly Clinton’This year Stunnah is going to create a lot of heat with his beats and all we can do is wait for him to drop the same.