“‘Jordan’ is not what you think” – Snappy (Interview)


I have seen very few producers level up their game as quickly as Snappy has recently done. An ardent fan of the old school g-funk West Coast sound and Punjabi folk music, his music is indefinably reflective of his taste and roots.


He has been involved in the studio with Pardhaan and a bunch of other Punjabi musicians. I have even heard rumours of him collaborating with a one of your favourite Punjabi rappers, but that topic is for a later discussion. His achievements did not come easy and it took a lot of dedication and hard work in the form of countless studio hours to get where he is.


His upcoming track is with the “Munda I-Phone warga” sensation A Kay and is called ‘Jordan

I caught up with Snappy to catch an insight into the project and to address all the rumours around it :

Slyck : What is Snappy up to these days?

Snappy : Presently I’m working with various Punjabi singers on commercial music but since I’m a hip hop music producer you’ll also get to hear my variations along with them. Also, these days I’m working on a soulful cover song with Pardhaan bhai which we will be releasing soon.

Slyck : How is your collaboration with A Kay coming along ?

Snappy : My collaborating with A Kay was a great experience. He is quite a humble and down to earth person. He is focused towards his choices and throughout our journey he had planned everything out very well. I met A Kay an year ago in my studio through Pardhaan bhai and it made me quite happy to know that he is also a hip hop music lover and we clicked together quite well since day one.

Slyck : What is Jordan all about ?

Snappy : Jordan is a really tricky track. As Jordan is one of the top brands of merchandise we decided to compose a song using Jordan as the main title but the song isn’t really anything about the shoes or clothing but is totally different from what people have assumed it to be which will be clear once the track is released.


Slyck : Are you and A Kay also working on other projects ?

Snappy : We are working on many songs together which are also coming soon.

Slyck : You are planning to incorporate folk styled vocals in hip-hop instrumentals, how is that coming along ?

Snappy : I was born and brought up in Punjab and being a Punjabi, folk music has been a part of my musical career till now. As I told you earlier, being a hip hop music producer, I have tried to work with a fusion of both so that I can present something new to people. As folk music demands high pitched vocal singers, So you will see the hip-hop meets folk fusion in my upcoming tracks.

Slyck : A lot of folks are having speculations regarding the composition of ‘Jordan’, would you like to clear the air regarding that.


Snappy : Thank you for asking this question. I would like to clear all the doubts that people have made after hearing the teaser. I’m myself a big fan of Dr. Dre and to clarify upon this heated up controversy of copying, I would like to elaborate that Jordan is just inspired from Dr Dre, not copied. inspiration can be taken from anywhere. If we talk about Intelligent people, they call it Fusion. 🙂

Slyck : Any message for fans and followers

Snappy : Keep sharing, keep liking, keep supporting if  you are a true hip hop fan.