Johny Seth And Pardhaan’s ‘Mascara’ Is Not What We Were Expecting

Pardhaan is one of the most respected artists in the music business these days. He is done collaborating with BohemiaSonu KakkarTony KakkarGuri and many others. Whatever he puts out, sells. His fans from Pakistan were hurt when he took shots at their army and on the controversial relations between India and Pakistan in his release ‘Unhe Chod Do‘.

Pardhaan is reputed as an excellent Haryanvi and Hindi rapper. Anyone who has heard his music is well aware of the fact that he goes hard on every beat he decides to rap on. ‘Mascara‘ was highly anticipated by his fans but it is not what everyone was expecting.

‘Mascara’ by Johny Seth came out a few days ago and my news feed was filled with this track. Many people shared it on their social media for their friends and they literally loved the song. Out of curiosity, I pressed ‘play’ but what came out of my speakers was different from what I was expecting.

It’s a commercial release like several other releases by Pardhaan and is sung by Johny but it’s the first time that Pardhaan didn’t spit hard but that doesn’t mean that this track is bad. Johny has sung it well and whatever Pardhaan did is going well with the track. He backed up his vocals with melodies to give it a soft feel. Many people who don’t like songs on a slow tempo might not like it but people who struggle to find this type of sound are going to love it.

Avvy Sra did a brilliant job on the production end. Pav Dharia and Manav Sangha shot the visuals for the music video and all in all, it came out in their favor. ‘Mascara’ was released under T-Series. Yes, it’s a big release. But, hip-hop fans are disappointed as they want Pardhaan to release proper rap tracks on a major level. Let’s see if he is going to do that in the future or not. Till then check out the track and tell us what you think..