JC Sona Drops ‘Intro’ To Push Underground!


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JC Sona dropped the video of ‘Intro‘ on DesiHipHop.com yesterday. JC has delivered an outrageous remix of ‘Susti‘ by Puneet Kohli in the recent past as well. ‘Intro’ by JC Sona was one of the most anticipated tracks from the desi underground scene. The original version of ‘Intro’ came out in the February of 2017. Artisttaan dropped this track and supported Saurabh Acharya, Mad Z, Laddu G and Harsh. JC approached Artisttaan since he liked the vibes of ‘Intro’ and decided to add his signature blend in the remix. JC’s style of producing has changed the dimensions of the song completely. The video of ‘Intro’ itself is one of a kind. Ashish Kumar Verma shot and directed the video and was later edited by Ekant Verma.

JC Sona is the former DJ member of the chart-topping crew Sona Family. JC has already peregrinated the globe to perform in front of several stupendous crowds. JC Sona has been working solitary for quite a while now and clasps a very experimental approach towards his music. He likes to mingle elements from electronic, dance and other genres to fabricate his very own ‘JC Sona Style of Hip-Hop Music’. Saurabh Acharya, on the other hand, has collaborated with Puneet Kohli, Varun, Marshall III for ‘Chill‘. ‘Chill’ was then remixed by Raftaar and Saurabh got his slot on the remix as well.

Watch JC Sona’s ‘Intro’ by Saurabh Acharya, Laddu G, Mad Z and Harsh here: