Jazzy B And Lil Golu’s New Song ‘Crazy Ya’ Is Trending


Crazy Ya Image

A new song has been released recently by artists Jazzy B and Lil Golu. The song name is ‘Crazy Ya’. The song also features Lopamudra Raut with Sukshinder Singh being the music director.

Now, who doesn’t know Lopamudra Raut, the Bigg Boss 10 contestant is now making use of her talent and is recently seen in a music video that is sung by Jazzy B and Lil Golu.  Since the release of the video, it has garnered almost close to 10 million views.

Jazzy B

Jazzy B

Jazzy B real name is Jaswinder Singh Bains and was born on April 1st, 1975 in Durgapur, in Punjab. His family migrated to Vancouver, Canada when he was 5 years old. He now currently resides in Birmingham, England. Till now he has released eleven studio albums, which include two religious studio albums. He has collaborated with many artists on many tracks and soundtracks. Jazzy B is often called the “Crown Prince of Bhangra”, and is a die hard fan and pupil of Kuldeep Manak. He has 2 children from his marriage to Hardeep Kaur.

Lil Golu

Lil Golu Image

Lil Golu is a Punjabi rapper and songwriter popular among the masses, he is one of the talented emerging singers in the Punjabi film industry as well as the Punjabi music industry. He had his breakthrough after he collaborated with Honey Singh in the popular song ‘Issey Kehte Hip Hop’. The phrases of the songs are far ahead of that any of his contemporaries in the industry.

Though there are many artists today who masquerade themselves as Rappers, Golu is of a different mettle. When you listen to the presentations by him, the difference is crystal clear for all to see. He has full command of the lyrics he is rendering. And this talent of rendering songs is visible in his songs. He has a melodious voice and his audience in the Punjabi axis is always in a fix as to where Golu derives his singing from. He is a good musician and he will dominate the Punjabi music industry in the years to come.

About the Song

Initially starting slow but when it picks up its tempo and rhythm it just breaks the ceiling. It is fast paced, will keep you hooked on to it such that you will keep the song in repeat mode in your playlist. The song vibes with the young, fast-paced generation of today who like to do adventurous stuff. Given the fact that both Jazzy B and Lil Golu have collaborated together for the 1st time, they have done a commendable job in making the song. Hats off to Sukshinder Singh for the music he has given and also a very warm respect to the lyricist of the song ‘Dr Love’.  All we can say is that you people go and listen to the song and just dance off till you can.

Check out the video of Crazy Ya here: