J19 Squad is putting Jodhpur on the map


J19 Squad is a hip-hop duo from Jodhpur, Rajasthan which consist of Young H & PK Nimbark. This crew is probably the first that I heard of and interacted with from the north western part of the country. I have been following this crew for quite some time and their music is maturing at a rapid pace.


J19 started off like any other rappers or crew and initially they were struggling to find their identity. After a couple of tracks, they have started sounding like a crew on a mission. Young H and PK Nimbark are both aspiring artists and are giving it 100 while making music. Their latest release, ‘Alfaaz‘ sounds better than anything that they have come up thus far but they still have a long road ahead of them. Alfaaz has already crossed 50k views on youtube and it is big achievement for the underground duo.

I caught up with the crew and this is what they had to say:

Slyck – Tell us a little about J19 ?

J19 Squad – This hip hop crew which was founded by Young H and PK Nimbark. Here J stands for Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan and 19 is our city code. As we know there are few hip hop crews in the Indian hip hop scene, J19 came into the picture earlier this year and we now have a pretty decent following in our city. .

Slyck – Hip-Hop is not common where you guys are ? People appreciate your music ?

J19 Squad – Yes hip hop is not common but J19 got is making a mark in the scene. People liked our work and we got appreciation from our listeners. We are happy with our current status and we will soon reach a broader audience .

Slyck – Tell us a little about your latest release ?

J19 Squad – Our latest release is “Alfaaz”. It is prod. by Young H and filmed by Dhruv records. Its hook line is “Mere alfaaz mujhse badhkar hai” and this is loved by people. Young H and Nimbark both are on the hook, Pk Nimbark is on the first verse and Young H is on the second verse. Both the verse have messages of positivity

Slyck – How is the response coming along with your releases, do you see en expanding fan base ?

J19 Squad – We started with “Go down” and then came “Matlab Nahi” and cover of “Panda”. We got good response by them but “Panda” got an average response. Then “Alfaaz” came and it changed our position in the scene. It got a great response. It was way more than what we expected. We feel blessed and are approaching goals more confidently.

Slyck – What do you think about the DHH scene as of now ?

J19 Squad – DHH means a lot to us. It is like our family. DHH helped us explore our music. Its helps underground desi artists to get heard. We think it is best platform for all the DESIs in the hip hop culture. .

Slyck – Any message for fans or followers ?

J19 Squad – All our fans and friends, you all are right here in our heart. Wherever we are its all because of you and your love. We will rock you soon with our upcoming tracks “Beparwah” and “Mout”. Keep listening to our music. Keep loving us. Much love to all.

Listen to ‘Alfaaz’ by J19 Squad –