J19 Squad Pays Tribute To Bob Marley

J19 Squad is a hip-hop duo from Jodhpur, Rajasthan and was created by Young H and PK Nimbark and they have been working in the scene for a long time. Young H began creating beats 4 years prior and released his track ‘My Life’ and more, Nimbark on the other hand, the boy from a small town came to Jodhpur for graduation and started working as a lyricist and wrote songs for local people and came up with his solo ‘Bad Boy’.

Young H and Nimbark met two years ago and became good companions and soon began cooperating. One thing lead to another and they chose to make a crew naming it J19 Squad. As a group, they propelled their introduction track ‘Go Down’ with Rick Phenom. As they were buckling down in the scene, the neighbourhood video maker Dhruv Sankhla from Dhruv Records’ enjoyed their work and sponsored their videos. After ‘Go Down’, J19 concocted ‘Matlab Nahi’ which was based on the present Indian system. Through their verses, they picked up numerous issues of the general public and got a great reaction for it. At that point, they did a refix of ‘Panda’ by Designer (Mind Blank) which was scrutinised in the scene. The following two months of this track, J19 accompanied Alfaaz and as the track released, it spread in the industry like a fire and got to be distinctly greater hit in Desi hip-hop scene.

Alfaaz was loved by many individuals and took J19 to a larger amount in the scene. ‘Maut’ was their next single after Alfaaz and it was a South Hindi Rap and got a decent reaction by the general population. It had a decent effect on its listeners and the team gained more popularity. In the beginning of 2017 group launched three tracks ‘Shuruaat’, ‘Band Karo’, ‘Note’ (ft. GhAatak, Tstar). ‘Shuruaat’ was a promo track to start the year. The track ‘Band Karo’ was a message on rape and other social wrongs. This track got more than 2 lakh views on Facebook and its hook Band Karo Mard Bano was appreciated by the audience.

This crew is looking forward to getting on the peak of the scene and released ‘Bholenath’ as a tribute to Bob Marley. The sound of this track was made on the last Shiv-rRatri in the year 2016 and the video was shot at Kumbh. They think that this track would be addictive for individuals. After Bholenath, they are set to release ‘Mharo Jodhpur’, the main rap track composed totally in Rajasthani dialect. ‘Mharo Jodhpur’ is a track to show (Suncity, Blue city) Jodhpur’s way of life, the magnificence of the city and the excellence of its occupants.

As Maha Shivratri is approaching, this track is perfect for the devotee of Lord Shiva as every age group can enjoy this track. Mad props to these two for trying something different in every track due to which they are getting more popular in the scene.

Listen ‘Bholenath’ By ‘J19 Squad‘ Here: