J19 Squad Is Here To Give You ‘Maut’


J19 Squad from Jodhpur, India are known for tracks like ‘Alfaaz‘, ‘Mind Blank‘, ‘Lage Bura‘ & many other highly enjoyable tracks. Alfaaz is their most popular track and has been watched almost 80,000 times on Youtube. Quite a landmark. Right?

Pankaj Nimbark & Harsh Vyas were promising to deliver one of their finest tracks from a long time now. In an interview with our website earlier this month, they described their track as “A mixture of mainstream vibes & underground rawness”. So, here we are with their latest release ‘Maut‘.

Pankaj & Harsh are two of those artists who’re guaranteed to deliver their promise in terms of being one of the best Hip-Hop crews in their style range. The title ‘Maut‘ is enough to tell you that it’s going to be a dark track. But then, J19 Squad promised of it being a sound that they said will be inclined towards some mainstream vibes and that’s what confused me. So, I played this track to clear out my dilemma.

Maut‘ begins with distorted Pop-Rock guitars to create a rhythm. Harsh’s vocal layer is being played in the background which is panned to rotate in stereo mode. Hook comes in to clear the clouds of confusion that it’s a mixture of lyrics which are about literal death & about how their music is killing their haters from the inside. Pankaj’s verse always comes with chills. He starts with words that are used on the streets & in a common man’s day to day life which later changes into a bit of strict Hindi rhyme scheme. Harsh’s verse is more about using complex Hindi words to describe his thoughts on religion, music & death.

The video of this track was handled by Dhruv Records & was shot in the night to keep the darker feel of this single. Everything related with the video like set, locations, angles & props is credited to Dhruv Records. Harsh did the production of this electronic Guitar driven blend of Pop-Rock & Hip-Hop himself.

Listen to ‘Maut’ by J19 Squad here :