J19 Squad Confirms “Mharo Jodhpur”

Well, everyone is familiar with the hip-hop duo J19 Squad who are native of Jodhpur, Rajasthan. J19 Squad consist of rappers Young H  & PK Nimbark. And guess what, now they are going to release their new track “Mharo Jodhpur” which they have confirmed on their Facebook page.

Rappers originating from the North-Western part of India is a very big thin. Hip-hop culture is not that well penetrated in that region of the country. But with time all things undergo a change, so is the change in taste of music pertaining to that region especially.

J19 Squad were like any other rappers or crew, new to the whole underground scene and in the beginning. They were competing with all other new rappers to make their identity. After releasing a few tracks and a few years down the line, they have made their mark on the industry. Their crew name is a reference from where they belong, with J standing for ‘Jodhpur’ and 19 is their city code. Till now, J19 has released many tracks some of which includes “Alfaaz”, “Band Karo” and “Maut”. This upcoming track is titled “Mharo Jodhpur“, as seen in the earlier tracks of the crew, they will be collaborating with another two artists for the track who are Sumsa Supari and Jagirdar RV.

For those who don’t know who Sumsa and Jagirdar are, well they are rappers from Jodhpur also and have released songs like “Jodhpur Anthem”.

And we are so happy that these 4 have decided to collaborate with each other and are sure that their latest track will be a success among the audience both in Jodhpur and all over India. So, watch out guys it is the calm before the storm because the music is going to blow the ceiling and all misconception if anyone has about these 4 artists.

Watch J19 Squad’s earlier track “Bholenath” here: