J Lucky Ft Bohemia,Deep Jandu – Weed Da Saroor


5 Bohemia Facts You Should KnowBohemia has been one of the finest to ever do it but this verse of his is average at best. This is my personal opinion and remember before you react, perspectives tend to differ. Bohemia has been an inspiration to me and one of the top tier artist of the Indian music scene. For creating art like Kali Denali to his recent drop with Lazarus he has been giving it a #100.

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His latest drop came as a surprise as this project came out the blue. This project gained 1.4 million in a span of three days because of the featured artists. This song is good and that is what it is good. Bohemia has no good tracks just great freaking work. He strives for perfection but this project just feels like he did his worse of the sake of it. While Deep Jandu and J Lucky had pitch and autotune to help them out, Bohemia kept the song alive.

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I expected more from Bohemia only because his last work with Lazarus was incredible, this is somewhat of a letdown. The video is kinda generic but again people should release this is a commercial sounding project.

J Lucky Ft Bohemia,Deep Jandu - Weed Da Saroor

Before finishing this, I have been a die-hard fan of the Punjabi rapper and this verse was good but not great compared to all his previous works and I know for a fact that he has dope for us in the future. Again before I finish I want people to know my perspective might be different from yours.

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