J.Hind And Roach Killa Live At Melbourne


History was made in the music industry when Roach Killa and J. Hind performed together for the first time in Melbourne on March 17th, 2017 at the Chasers Night Club.

Now about the duo who performed,


J.Hind Image

J.Hind is a rapper who made his way from the Hood to Bollywood. His real name is Dinesh Sharma and was born in Los Angeles, to Indian immigrant parents. J. Hind was introduced to the American streets at an early age while his parents were busy doing multiple jobs to make ends meet. Hind was strongly influenced by his own ethnic Indian roots he always viewed the world from two perspectives;

1) His east Indian influences and

2) The lifestyle he immersed himself in America daily.

These two cultural influences mixed with J’s early love of poetry and hip hop eventually combined and found their way into our ears through his storytelling music and gave us something new and different.

J. Hind found his purpose in this world at an early stage that he was to be a world famous artist. At the age of 5, he started performing Qawali shows with his grandfather’s group. But the love of hip hop eventually overpowered all this and by that time he was in his teens. He began competing in freestyle battle competitions and to everyone’s surprise, he dominated those competitions!  These competitions were a launching pad for him and so began his professional hip hop career. J.Hind has worked with many people in the entertainment industry like Akshay Kumar, John Travolta, RDB, Bohemia, Colby O’ Donis (Konvict Music), Snoop Dogg, The GAME, BaddAzz, Lil Zane, The Stomper, Capone-E, and many others.

 Roach Killa

Roach Killa Image

Born in Libya, in the city of Sebha in the heart of the Sahara desert. At the age of 10, his family had to migrate to Canada due to the country’s existing educational limits. By the age of 12, Roach was introduced to the life of urban music and after hearing the first sounds of Reggae, he fell in love with the culture which inspired him to master it and become a reggae artist.

His debut Album ‘The Revolution’ was released in September 2009 which peaked at the number 6 spot on the iTunes World Charts.

His first single ‘Yaara Dildara’ which featured Shahid Ali Khan reached the No.1 on the BBC Asian Network charts. Roach Killa’s been promoting his music and has created a massive fan base around the world by touring Europe, Asia and the Middle East. His songs have been play listed on all the commercial radio stations across Europe which is a huge thing.

Recently he has collaborated with Spragga Benz, who is an international Reggae Superstar from Jamaica and Apache Indian, who is also a Reggae artist from the UK.

Roach has skillfully mastered the art of being a Reggae artist along with a twist of hip-hop, which makes him a very talented but at the same time a very dangerous artist with the ability to torment instrumentals. Roach Killa is not only unpredictable but also has an originality in his songs which makes him this century element of surprise.

The duo performed at the Chaser Night Club where they made the crowd go wild on their feet and sang some of their popular tracks. The duo was full of energy and rhythm which was obvious and apparent by the way they were performing. It was also seen in the audience which also full of energy and enthusiasm. We do not who came and who didn’t but we can assure you it was a night that should not have been missed. But if in case you did miss this one and if you live in Auckland there is one more performance lined up on 18th March 2017 at 3 Kings Reserve at Mt.Alberta.