ItsJustLalith Is Here With Some Insane ‘Confessions’


Lalit Bhonsle aka ItsJustLalith is a rapper and graphics designer from Bengaluru who was born and brought up in Karnataka. He has been designing graphics since 2010 but started off rapping in 2013. ‘Rap For Eternity‘ was his debut single that came out in 2013 and eventually led him to be a part of a six-member Hip-Hop crew ‘Anesthetic‘. He was called L4l17h (spelled Lalith) back then but after fighting his inner demons, he changed his name to ItsJustLalith.

As usual, they parted their ways in May of 2014. This broke his self-confidence as his social media was turned down because of continuous reports that his account received out of nowhere. After being on a roller-coaster ride for almost 30 months, he decided to pour his heart out on a track and that track is ‘Confessions‘.


Lalith sat down and wrote his emotions on a paper to confess the things that he has earned in his conscious lifespan and discussed the reasons of why he failed at different points in his life. It’s his conversation with his inner self and with the almighty. Bars like “10 conscious years of constant harsh contents learned/ Tonnes contradict, but my conscience conquered, morals earned” are well written and you’ll find everything about his life in this particular release.

I’m a fan of storytelling through music. ItsJustLalith has done the same in the first part of this track and his sense of staying on point without even distracting a little is worth the appreciation. The second part of this track is all about his lyrical abilities. His flow and rhyme schemes are literally above the level of some of the best artists in the game right now. He spat “I’m thriving to be the Einstein of this rhyme style that I keep cryptographic” in the second section of ‘Confessions’ and I strongly believe that he is going to be one.


The thing I liked about this release is the sound of it. It’s an A-Capella track and has no instruments to back him up and that’s why the sound of his message is more clear and transparent. Aditya Bhat was recently featured on our website for his work in the field of music production on Chennai city’s first mixtape ‘Lessons‘. He has programmed ‘Confessions’ as well but the composition was created by John VargheseErick Franky is the man behind the direction and editing of this particular video. Saurabh K Maurya from Mauryans designed the artwork for this track.

This track was appreciated by some of the famous artists from the American Hip-Hop scene. Yes, it’s true, ‘Confessions’ was shared by Astray who is a part of Eminem‘s label ‘Shady Records‘. It was also shared by Crooked I of Slaughterhouse on his social media.


Crooked I
Indian Hip-Hop scene is on its rise and there is no room for hate in this scene. Be a part of it and witness everything yourself.

Watch ‘Confessions’ by ItsJustLalith here :