Ishq Bector Raps For Flipkart “Big 10 Sale”

Ishq Bector has been consistent throughout 2017. With drops like “Miss You” and the remake of “Humko Tumse Pyar Hai” he is definitely owning up to the unique style he created. Ishq Bector recently dropped a track for Flipkart in their newest advertisement for the “Big 10 Sale“. The video accumulated a million views within 24 hours and is filled with contests for Flipkart users.

Ishq Bector-Flipkart-Big 10 Sale Image

The “Big 10 Sale” rap is about how the sale is a hub for all the shoppers. There are hidden clues in the music video for this advertisement and to win the contest. All you have to do is screenshot the clue and share it. If you could spot the clues, you could win an iPad and some vouchers. Flipkart describes this small advert as:

“Not Just A Song But A Chance To Win An Ipad This funky track by IshQ Bector has a bunch of offers from the #FlipkartBig10Sale that YOU need to spot! Find them all, type them in the comments. Tell us why you’re waiting for the Big10sale! #FlipkartBig10SneakPeek”. To know the terms and conditions for the contest click here.

Ishq Bector-Flipkart-Big 10 Sale Image 2

The track advertises products such as mobiles, clothes and more. Watch below the music video for the Flipkart “Big 10 Sale” rap .