Introducing Honey Singh’s Official Dance Squad

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s popularity rests not only in his rapping, it’s also the groovy dance moves that his official choreographers come up with, that has his fans swaying. Atul Jindal and Karan Kumar have choreographed his songs including Chaar Bottle Vodka, Blue Eyes Hypnotise, Love Dose and Party with the Bhoothnath. The duo have also worked with Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan.


Their story goes back to Broadway Dance Centre, New York, where the two absorbed everything that they were taught and recognised the lack of an experience like the one they had in India. So Arjun and Karan decided to start their own dance company called Big Dance back in India. Since the two were trained together both in India and New York and had been dancing together for a long time, they thought it was a great idea to start Big Dance together. Apparently they got a call from a man one evening who said he wanted them to choreograph his next song Blue Eyes; they thought it was a prank call but turned out that it was really Honey Singh who showed for rehearsal at their studio the next day.


Atul and Karan’s work with Honey Singh brought more offers, they reminisce the time they made Big B dance and the most precious lesson they took away from him was hard work and humility. Amitabh Bachchan practiced the steps given to him 50 times before he mastered it; no wonder he is called the Shahenshah.

With big names under their belt and the talent to match their rising popularity, Atul and Karan plan to go a long way with their art.