Interview – Cafy Khan “I don’t follow trendy music”


In the amidst of the burgeoning Hip-Hop scene in India, a lot of rappers and producers have started putting in sincere efforts in order to get heard. Cafy Khan from Chandigarh is no different and is one of those aspiring producer. He quickly learnt his way around production, learning the basics and is a firm believer in wasting no time, he already has a few tracks out which have quickly earned him a reputation for being ‘one to watch’ in 2016.


If you have heard about Noddy Khan aka “India’s Youngest Rapper” then you should not be very surprised to know that Cafy is actually his elder brother. I guess music runs in the family. Cafy has been influenced by music at a very young age and he was very clear in his head on what he want to do in life.


If you take out time to listen to his music, you won’t be disappointed. His tracks such as ,”Choti C Chaap” and “Tera Yaar” could be considered accomplishments if you take into account the brief time which Cafy has taken to get a hold of production.

In my conversation with Cafy Khan, I found out that he has not restricted himself just to Hip-Hop but what he calls ‘Underground Music‘ and to make it even simpler for a layman, it is often referred to as ‘Independent Music‘. He has a vision of removing the boundaries of genre and just making music.

cafy khan


This is how my conversation with him went :

SLYCK : Please introduce yourself to the folks who do not know you ?

CAFY : Yo! My name is Cafy Khan. I stay in Chandigarh. I produce music. I like Hip-Hop music personally. I like to work with different artist with different flows and genres. My main focus is on the underground scene.

SLYCK : You’ve produced for quite a few people so far, what is your favorite project thus far ?

CAFY : Yes, i started music production professionally around 3 months back and so far I have released 6 tracks. It’s difficult to pick out favorite artist but i personally like RARRI KID, he got some international flow and he is different from the others that I have worked with yet. RARRI KID FREESTYLE is coming out very soon.

cafy khan rarri kid freestyle

SLYCK : How do you plan to make your sound unique ?

CAFY : I don’t follow trendy music or hit music, I just like to make something different from others and which sounds boom. That’s why there is always a musical difference in my tracks that I have released yet. I always try to make different and unique music.

SLYCK : There are plenty of producers out there in the Desi Scene, is there anyone who you would like to collaborate with ?

CAFY : I don’t know about producers but I would like to collaborate with Prabh Deep, Desi beam, Raxstar, Lil Golu, Ikka

SLYCK : What do you think about the Desi Hip-Hop scene as of now ?

CAFY : Desi hip hop started around 10 years ago but it has been very active for the past 1 to 2 years. is the best platform for all Hip-Hop artist as it supports new and hardworking artists

Q6. Any message for your fans or followers ?

I love all my fans and friends they are like family. Keep supporting. New stuff coming soon


Check out ‘Choti C Chaap’ here!