International Music Magazine Featured Some Desi Underground Artists

International Music Magazine is a magazine distributing organisation that gives musicians an overall stage among themselves and their fans. Its first release highlights underground rappers like Jeremy Gomez on front and Ceabruz on the back cover. In addition to that, it has globally well-known rappers like OG Rome, Tee Will, Mizz NeNe, Boonkey, Pilotboy, Henry Mckinght and some Asian craftsman from Pakistan Chen-K and Waqar Raaj. IMM is intended to give the greatest presentation to non-mainstream craftsman around the world. IMM is based around craftsmen who are making a buzz for themselves, that too in a limited period of time. They are dealing with the systems administrative device to get them closer to the “Goal”.

This first issue highlights a portion of the most sizzling ‘out of the box’ craftsmen who you should keep an eye out for in 2017. IMM is trying to give a few artist the first taste of popularity with the buzz that they are creating. Their objective is to become the main magazine distributing organisation that gives talented and up and coming artists worldwide exposure through media/online networking outlets.

IMM featured some Desi Hip Hop artist in its First Edition like:

Chen – K

Chen-K, real name is Nadir Chen Siddiqui, was born in Montreal, Canada and is a Pakistani descend. Currently living in Karachi, you can say that Chen is not constricted to just one city. Everyone who meets him is confused about where he lives… is it Karachi? or Lahore? or Islamabad? According to him, he has lived in almost all cities in Pakistan but has spent most of his childhood in Karachi, Lahore and Multan. He moved from Canada to Pakistan after his parents’ divorce. His father is Pakistani and his biological mother Chinese. His father remarried when he was two and a half years old and he says that he was very fortunate to have a stepmother who loved him like her own.

Chen -K wants to work with artists who are from Pakistan and outside the home country. He says that he only wants to work with ‘Real Artists’ and by real, he means people who express their raw and not sugar coated feelings. Until he finds those artists he plans to go solo.

Hip hop for him is not just a part of the entertainment field, for him, Hip Hop is another world. It’s a place where he says you don’t care about anyone and express whatever you like, while the entertainment field is where you actually want to entertain people according to their likes, needs and perspectives. So he just wants to stick to ‘Art’ and for him, Hip Hop is just that.

His next project is huge! He is working on a mini album of 3 or 5 tracks. Being an independent artist, it’s difficult for him to save money for promotion and all. Some artists think that promotion is a waste of money but it’s not their fault, it’s how their artistic thinking is. In his case, all of his music videos are directed, edited, colour graded and scripted by him. So watch out for Chen – K.

Waqar Raaj

Waqar Raaj is another artist based in Pakistan. He performs pop and hip hop music in Urdu, English, and Punjabi. He released his debut song which was the very first National Urdu Rap song in the history of Pakistani Music and was called ‘Jago Pakistan’.

Raajs’ dream was to start a career in the music industry. Initially he faced a lot of difficulties but eventually, everything went smoothly due to God’s grace. He said he raps because that is what he is best at. He says that trying his hands on everything will make things like the saying “Jack of all is master of none”. Raaj says that he can easily deliver his message to the people better through rap. Given the fact that the knowledge base of Hip Hop music in Pakistan is very limited, he has established himself and that is really commendable. But Raaj says that with time the situation is getting better.

One thing he has encountered in the industry is that every artist is trying to rap in their songs. He wants to tell them that Rap is something else, there has to be a natural inclination towards the music instead of just speaking words in quick succession.

Shubham Shinde

Shubham Shinde is a rapper based in India. Not that well known in the music industry, but believe me, once his talent gets recognised he will take the world of rap by a storm. His style of rapping is very different from most of his counterparts. He raps really well and his background is unlike the heavy sound we are used to hearing. It has a certain melody to it which soothes you when you listen to one of his songs. He is doing a very commendable job given that fact that he is not being supported in the way a talented person like him should be. His work can be viewed in songs like ‘Introductory Freestyle’, ‘Yadoon Me’, and ‘Flow Atrangi’.