#Inside Scoop: Know All About The Hip Hop Collective Bombay Lokal

Hip-Hop collective Bombay Lokal recently unveiled their logo on social media. The group has been creating buzz about their formation for well over weeks now. DesiHipHop.com got in touch with them to get inside details of what it’s all about.

Bombay Lokal is a hip-hop collective dwelling in the northern suburbs of Mumbai. It aims to connect hip-hop artists who are often left out due to their distance from the city side. Rapper Shaikhspeare along with other beat-boxers and break-dancers have formed the collective. All the elements of hip-hop have been brought under one bracket.

bombay lokal hip hop collective

Members include beatboxers Gaurav Gambir aka D-Cypher and Roshan Gamare aka Beat Raw. Emcees Aamir Shaikh aka Shaikhspeare, Akshay Poojari aka Gravity, Parth Mistry aka Rhymix and Adwait Bansode aka A-Ban. B-boys Rohit Kini aka B-boy Kini, Omkar Dhage aka B-boy Thrill and Dinesh aka Drunk Monk. Last but not the least, DJ/beat producer Brayne-Dead and Graffiti writer Mooz are also a part of the collective. Quite a bunch of talented folks!

bombay lokal

So one wonders as a hip-hop collective, what does Bombay Lokal aim to do? We got in touch with Shaikhspeare who responded:

Coming from a place where there is no Hip-hop scene as such and no interaction of local hip-hop artists with each other, this collective aims to unite hip-hop artists dwelling in Vasai-Nalasopara-Virar. ‘Bombay Lokal’ aims to bring all elements of hip-hop together to spread the culture by making it reach the non Hip-hop heads. At the same time they aim to raise social and political awareness amongst the youth and bring about a positive change in the society through all elements of hip-hop”.

bombay lokal hip hop collective

We are mad excited about the formation of this brand new hip hop collective. Shaikhspeare and D-Cypher have been two artists tirelessly participating in all hip-hop related events across the city. This step to promote the culture in their area is highly commendable. Lalith Bhonsle has done a stupendous job creating the official logo for Bombay Lokal.

We look forward to seeing this collective get in action! Show your support in forms of likes and shares –

bombay lokal hip hop collective