Inpirational Song ‘Hustle’ by Sultan


Sultan just released his track ‘Hustle‘ and it as an ode to the journey of every artist pursuing a creative life. He has nakedly spoken about the various odds and obstacles which an artist faces while pursuing his craft.


Dedicated To All The Passionate Artists Who Are Hustling 24X7 & Fighting All Odds To Pursue Their Dreams .. Their Art. I Salute You

We have to give Sultan props for speaking about his journey so openly. Every desi rapper/musician/artist pursuing his dream in our country faces several obstacles in terms of social, financial and a 100 different kinds of problems, it is only those who have the strength and determination to surpass them actually make it to the finish line. Sultan also puts out such a tale in his ‘Hustle’.

From the technical point of view Sultan has come a long way in terms of quality and production of the entire project but it is the message which will force the listener to repress the play button. Sultan has composed and written the entire track and I dig the hook and the way it is composed. The background score and the production is done by Oye Shera and Sultan himself and have done suffice justice to the track. It is good to see an artist also trying to get into the production side of things. The entire track sounds good but a tighter mix and master of the track would have taken to this whole new levels.

The track comes along with a very retro and superbly shot video. The black and white ambience of the video suits what is being said. Sultan himself decided upon the concept and screenplay and did a pretty good job at it. The video has been directed by Deep G and Ashish Nehra but what stole the show for me were the VFX by Bharat.

The entire product is superb but left my mind muddled was, how can a track which has 150,000+ views just have 300 likes. Anyways we recommend you check the track out –