India’s Biggest Battle Rappers Declare War


Bombay’s leading battle rap league, Battle Bars Bombay, (B3 India) is coming up with their latest event correctly named, the ‘Art of War‘.

Among the few battle leagues, B3 has established itself as the most reputed one in the country, being among the pioneers of battle rap culture in India. Don’t worry if you’ve missed anything out previously. Desi Hip Hop is here to take you through the 5th B3 event – The Art of War!

Team B3 has chalked out quite an unique concept with the ‘Art of War‘. This is the first part of a competition, which will have three successive events following later this year. For the first time ever in the history of Indian battle rap, the competition consists of two title matches – ‘The Grandmaster’ and ‘The Clan Leader’. Where the winner of the Clan Leader title can challenge the Grandmaster. Getting interesting isn’t it?1am vs rapture

It would be an understatement to say that this time’s match-ups are by far the best offered by B3 India. We’ll see most of the regular faces that represent battle rap in India, along with few newcomers.encore abj vs jay sehgal

Exhibition matches consist of 1AM VS Rapture and Encore ABJ VS Jay Sehgal. The latter would be a Hindi battle. Infamous from Bombay and MC Kode from Delhi will go toe to toe competing to become the first Clan Leader of B3 India. Stakes are surely high!

Kode vs Infamous

Art of War‘ will see four quarter final matches for the title of Grandmaster. Two of Bombay’s battle rap gems, E.M.F. and Sai are pitted up against each other. While Delhi veteran, The Quixotic, will face his toughest opponent yet, Bombay’s battle rap prodigy X-Centrik. The match between Bombay pioneer Shaikhspeare and Pune’s prodigy Shreyas is also a highly anticipated one. The main event is the match between Kolkata’s witty punchline packer Hardknok and Pune’s penmanship champion That Dude AJ.

emf vs sai


On an interesting note, Mumbai’s Finest will be hosting the Battle Bars Bombay event. Surely exciting for their fans! B3 Cypher sessions will see Seti X straight from LA, Seedhe Maut’s MC Calm and Bombay emcees D’Evil and myself, Dee MC rocking the mic.

Xcentrik vs quixotic

For the first time ever in India, a battle rap event will consist of a judging panel which is so strong, that you’ll understand the intensity of this event! Bombay pioneers Enkore, D’Evil, Kav-E, Poetik Justis and MC Bobkat will be judging the Grandmaster and Clan Leader title matches.
So now that you’ve got a DHH overlook of the event, be sure you do not miss out on this one!

Xcentrik vs quixoticIt’s going down this Saturday, February 11th from 1 pm onward at The Cuckoo Club in Bandra. Contact the official event page B3 India: Art of War to get your tickets booked. B3 India presents the ‘Art of War‘, let ink draw blood!

B3 India Art of War Battle Bars Bombay

Share your predictions with us, let us know which battler you are rooting for.