Indian Rapper Slaughters The Hindi Alphabet



NCR OG KRSNA is back after a brief break and has sparked an unsuppressable flame. What he has dropped requires skill, talent and a dedication towards perfection. We all have heard of tracks such as ‘Alphabetic Aerobics‘ by ‘Blackalicious‘ which are a display of expertise in vocabulary, the rapper goes through all the alphabets consecutively, making bars composed of words starting with the same alphabet and then moves on to the next alphabet. How many of us could have thought that the same is possible in Hindi ? Many would have considered it impossible but KRSNA proves them wrong with ‘Vyanjan‘.

Vyanjan‘ is hands-down the most technically on point Hindi release of the year. One reason for this is obviously it’s uniqueness as this is the first attempt at an alphabet slaughter in Hindi and a successful attempt I might add. The track has a wicked retro styled intro straight out of a 80’s radio show but from the moment it ends KRSNA gets to business. He takes on every alphabet in ‘Vyanjan’ (This literally translates to the Hindi consonants or for a layman who ignores certain technicalities it would be Hindi alphabet) and bisects them perfectly bar for bar, a few might even consider using the Hindi dictionary for the meaning of a few words. The bars are expertly connected and actually talk about what goes in and around on the daily in the life of a common Desi.

Art by Pia Alizé Hazarika

Inflict is the man responsible for the dope visuals and has done justice to the video. The black and white essence add a retro vibe which compliments the content. He has been working hard and has been putting out some really dope stuff.

This is what KRSNA told DHH exclusively, “Vyanjan which means the consonants in the Hindi alphabet is basically a break down of the hindi alphabet in rap. It has been done for the English alphabet, so I thought…why not Hindi? Overall, it was a tough song to write since I had to make sense with every sentence while using only words from a single letter. The song has come out dope though.

Check out the track right here :