Why Artists In India Releases Less Albums As Compared To Western Countries?

In a world of digital music consumption, mass piracy, rising DIY careers, and free music, hip-hop artist are releasing both albums and mixtapes to gain fans and profit in the west. Likewise, in India, there are fewer albums and mixtapes. As a matter of fact, these two options are more valuable for an aspiring rapper.

We have seen that in the western countries, artist are more competitive. They try to release more and more music. On the other hand, artist in India can’t do such things. They release two or three singles in a year. But, in western countries artist never fears to release a full-fledged album or a mixtape. The artist in western countries is not insecure about the other’s position in the industry.

Artist in India released fewer albums or mixtape because of these reasons:


Online Piracy or Internet Piracy is a serious problem that online community has been facing for a long time.The Indian masses have everything available for free, all kind of entertainment by means of piracy whether it be movies, songs, dance or most forms of media, including software. In any case, if they have to pay for these things they rather ignore instead of buying. India is on the 5 place in the world’s piracy chart.

Piracy-Desi Hip-Hop-Image

Piracy is one of the major reasons why India still has to struggle when it comes to Desi Hip-Hop and Rap artist making any sort of living. We do not lack in talent, the scene is full of talent but talent needs to be acknowledged, acknowledgement is what Desi Hip- Hop deserves. Stop piracy and support your artists.

2. Illegal Downloads

It’s hard enough for a Desi Hip-Hop artists to earn a little bread and butter from their music. They put all their hard work for their music but people never buy their music legally. As a matter of fact, the artists tend not to try and sell their music due to the fact they know a lot of people will just go to illegal piracy sites and download the track for free, instantly. On the whole, they might feel that their music won’t reach as far if people don’t hear it and are resolved to put it out for free anyway.

Piracy-Desi Hip-Hop albums Image

On the whole, they might feel that their music won’t reach to the masses if people don’t hear it and are resolved to put it out for free anyway.

We can solve this problem. We know people wants the album or a song they liked and they want it but they are not willing to pay for it. If we can offer these albums and songs at a cheaper price, more people would purchase it. This would lead to low revenue sales as it is already dipping over the years. We need to provide more knowledge about the streaming sites.

If people are aware of streaming sites, they would spend less time on seeking their album or a song for free. On the whole, if people won’t buy all the songs and albums that they want to listen, this may be a way for them to pay something for unlimited, unrestricted access to everything they want to hear.