India and Pakistan Are Not Meant To Fight

For the past few days there have been some very negative things being said about our Pakistani brothers by Indians and similarly our Pakistani family towards Indians.

This all started after the recent attacks in Uri in which 17 Indian soldiers lost their lives, India retaliated to this in the form of an attack as well. I am as Indian as anyone else living in India and what is depressing to see, is the inability of a few of our friends, family or relatives to see that our war is not with Pakistan but with terrorists who are based there..


Read the following carefully, ALL TERRORISTS ARE NOT MUSLIMS, ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORISTS. A lot of people have reflected their hate in the form of statuses and posts on social media, as far as I know none of those posts came with a solution but were only outpours of personal anguish. Before you read ahead please realise that I am remorseful for the 17 Indian soldier lives lost but they were taken away by terrorists and not the people of Pakistan.


I do not know what could possibly be the solution to this forever ongoing turmoil but if one such solution is found then this collaboration will be a force to be dealt with in the world.

The outcomes of such a potential partnership can be integrated from various examples through our underground scene itself. Heavyweights such as Raxstar and TazZz have been living like brothers and making music in UK for a very long time. There collaborations such as ‘Teardrops’ have won the hearts of millions of Desi’s (a broad classification not just for Indians and Pakistanis but many other South Asian countries).

Another Indo-Pak collaboration which spun heads was Tarraki which featured Happu Singh and Prabh Deep from India with Mohan Singh from USA (Indian) and Guru Lahori from Pakistan and it is the diversity of the cultures of both countries which gave the rappers different experiences which they put out on the track.

It is very easy to hate but if one could spend the same amount of time on finding a solution who knows, we actually might find a solution?

Just remember who the war is against.