“The Most Important Thing I Have Learnt Is The Art Of Not Giving A Fu*k” Exclusive Interview | Rap Demon

Rap Demon is often considered as one of the finest rappers from the land of Pakistan. His style of spitting is multi-lingual and is loved for his looks as well. He is about to drop his next release ‘Gujra Way’ on DesiHipHop.com this week. We decided to interview him to ask him some questions that his fans wanted him to answer. Here is how our chat went with him.

rap demon kill em with kindness

San Cha: What has changed since the time you started off your career in hip-hop?

Rap Demon: A lot has changed. People around me have changed and most importantly, I have changed. I was completely a different person before I started this. My vision, my perceptions and the most important thing I have learnt are THE ART OF NOT GIVING A FU*K.

San Cha: How did ‘Gujra Way’ came to life?

Rap Demon: Farasat Anees (The producer of this track) and me, we like to experiment a lot. This was also a result of an experiment that came out pretty well. A completely new sound and style. Plus, this track took an enormous amount of time and energy to engineer it properly. Plus, Rahul Beniwal took it to another level with his visuals.

San Cha: You took shots at Gawky Records in your track ‘Haraam Bars’. What was the reason behind it?

Rap Demon: I wrote and recorded this track at the start of 2016. Gawky records were constantly mentioning me in their stuff at the end of 2015. I don’t know what the beef was. I guess, it was something with Rapo but they kept dragging me in. Haraam bars was not a diss at all. It was just a bar that I think was enough from my side for the matter and I said that “Versaan ch kar dey peyo da zikkar nai” and then “Chaddo” that I am done with it. No more attention to it.

San Cha: What is your current situation with Gawky Records?

Rap Demon: All cool. Got nothing to do with anything anymore. They are doing their work and I am doing mine.

San Cha: You are often considered as the finest rapper from the land of Pakistan. What is your take on that? Do you feel any competition?

Rap Demon: First of all, thanks to the people who consider me the finest but I am still learning and I have a lot to learn. But yes, I am one of the very few artists who are actually “Working”. To be honest, No! I don’t feel any competition in that sense. I mean, people around me throw tracks once or twice a year. I don’t consider them competition. And the other few, who are actually working are my boys. I love it when I see them progress. I consider them a team, not competition.

San Cha: Aqeel Sarfaraz released a diss track against Pardhaan. You mixed and mastered the project for him. What is your take on the whole controversy?

Rap Demon: I mixed and mastered that track because I was paid as an engineer/producer to do so. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I support or go against it. I don’t even want to talk about it. I mean, why should I give someone the attention that they are craving for? What I think is that the people who gave him attention like that played right into his hands.

San Cha: What should everyone expect from ‘Gujra Way’?

Rap Demon: Something really different from what I usually do. Look! All these rappers I killed, I started feeling bad for their girls. So, here is a little something from my side to make them dance.

San Cha: What are your future plans? Are there any major collaborations lined up?

Rap Demon: A lot of plans. Let’s see which ones are executed the best. And yes, there are some major and international collaborations coming up ahead but I won’t break them to you now. Let the right time come.