“I’m A Volcano Of Emotions But Strong And Rugged Is My Type” Kauratan | Exclusive Interview


Gurratan Kaur, widely recognized as Kauratan, won the hearts when she was featured on Kali Denali Mixtape: Volume 1. Kauratan was the only female rapper who earned that slot. Her track, “NOTE“, was highly appreciated but a lot of people didn’t know where she suddenly came from. Those who follow desi underground music closely were aware of Kauratan’s name and style of music.

Many people saw her for the first time in “Invasion“. The track itself was brilliant and a cameo by Kala Kurta Gang‘s Sikander Kahlon left everyone amused. Later, she was featured on Punit Malhotra‘s single, “Bad Girl” along with Sikander Kahlon. An artist doesn’t get fame overnight. To know more about her journey, I had a conversation with her and she was kind enough to answer all of my questions. Here’s how my chat with her went:

San Cha: When did you actually start? There is no trace of your origin anywhere.

Kauratan: I started in 2015. To be very precise, I started writing 6 months before I dropped my debut track.

San Cha: Since hip-hop is in it’s growing phase in India, a lot of male rappers are neglected. As a female, how has your journey been so far?

Kauratan: My journey so far has been immensely welcoming. I have got a lot of appreciation from the right people. Probably that is the reason that I am featured on KDM Mixtape as well as with Dilbagh Singh. I am doing my thing and will keep on working on the same. More than anything or anyone else, I am doing this for myself.

San Cha: You were seen with Sikander Kahlon in “Invasion” and several other moments. Your involvement with KKG was talk of the town. Are there any future plans with them?

Kauratan: Not any such plans as of now.

San Cha: We’ve seen you going hard over a beat. We’ve seen you riding motorcycles in the videos. How much of a “Bad Girl” are you?

Kauratan: Hahaha! I am not really one. If you have heard my songs, you can clearly make out that I am a volcano of emotions. Definitely, I am a strong woman that is why I had the guts to talk about them. As far as my penchant is concerned, I love jeeps, bikes & SUV’s. Strong and rugged is my type. *wink*

San Cha: How did KDM Mixtape happen to you? What has changed since then and do you have any future plans with them?

Kauratan: To tell you word for word, Haji Springer tweeted about producing a female desi rapper if there was any. Many people mentioned me in that tweet. That’s how Haji came to know about me. He liked my work and sent me a beat and within 2 days, I sent him “NOTE” ( the song on KDM mixtape). That’s when Bohemia sir and the entire KDM gang heard it and gave me this big opportunity. No words are good enough to thank their belief in me. It came as a big motivation. Me and Haji sir are in constant touch and you never know when what can happen next.

San Cha: What is your process of writing a song?

Kauratan: If I have to write a verse on any song, I really focus on the demand of that song. If I have to write a solo song, I just go with the flow of my thoughts.

San Cha: A lot of people love your style of delivery. On the other hand, some consider you as a spoken word poet who dubs herself over a beat. Why did you choose this style of delivery and how did you develop it?

Kauratan: I did not choose anything. I did not find anything. Whatever I say and the way I say comes to me  naturally. Definitely there have been couple of inspirations because of whom I started writing. I have never wanted to spit like them, though. What I liked about them is their thought process. Rest all is complete me.

San Cha: Do you think quitting jobs and studies in mandatory for becoming a rapper? What tips would you like to give to your fans?

Kauratan: I am working full time as a Marketing and PR Manager for a real estate company based out of Gurgaon. From more than 7 years, I’ve been working in the corporate world. I definitely want to grow in music but I am sensible enough to take care of my bread and butter. I don’t want to quit job till the time I don’t start earning good from music. It becomes really difficult sometimes to manage both but nothing is easy in this world.

San Cha: When are you going to drop some fresh music?


San Cha: Any message for your fans?

Kauratan: Message for my listeners and motivators: I will not disappoint you.

I am a dancer. Therefore, I love commercial music as well. I have plans to throw some commercial music as well as underground tracks constantly. I seek your support as always.