Ikka’s Dropping ‘Shuruwat’ In April

So after the success of ‘Kurta Pajjama’ by RS Chauhan and Ikka, Mr.Hanji is ready with another track named Shuruwat’.

Ikka went live on his facebook page to interact and thank his fans for the success of ‘Kurta Pajjama’ and also on winning the PTC Award of ‘Best Club Song’ of the year for his track ‘Half Window Down’

He said that the award is a tight slap from him on the faces of those who always tried to pull him down and never let him succeed in his work. With this, he also revealed his upcoming tracks named ‘Shuruwat’. We do not know the exact release date as of now, but it will be released in the first week of April.

He also put it up on his Instagram post:

"SHURUWAT" coming real soon…!!!

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He disclosed the tracks name when one of his fans asked him about is upcoming Hip Hop album. He said, “There is no Hip Hop album coming up in near future as of now but a track named ‘Shuruwat’ will be released in the first week of April. It will a proper Hip Hop track whose music is given by DjHarpz and it will be released under T-Series music label.’

Before this Ikka did another track called ‘Sapne’ in 2015 which we can say was proper Hip Hop commercial track. We haven’t heard such a track after that as he has been busy with his schedule and Bollywood projects.

We are eagerly waiting for this track as we know he’s really good at doing such tracks. He has proven it earlier and we wish him all the luck.