Ikka’s Most Anticipated Track ‘Kurta Pajjama’ Is Out Now!


Recently Ikka in collaboration with R S Chauhan released a song titled ‘Kurta Pajjama’. It was published on YouTube on March 18th, 2017. The music is given by Preet Hundal and lyrics is by Ikka.

Well, we don’t have to say much about Ikka as he is a well-known personality within the hip-hop music industry. Ikka has sung songs like ‘Half Window Down’ which featured Neetu Singh and Dr Zeus. ‘Khat’ with Guru Randhawa in 2015. All in all, he is very much popular among the masses. The other singer in the song is none other than R S Chauhan who has previously sung songs like ‘Get Down’, ‘Shaan Sikhi Di’.

Full of high tempo beats, it is as desi of a hip-hop song that a Punjabi song is expected to be. Full of energy, it talks about the simplicity of a Kurta pyjama and yet how it is royal in its own way. It talks about how all the western outfits and brands are nothing compared to it. The song becomes faster in pace which makes you jump on your feet and dance off to the rhythm of the song. One of the few lines which we like from the song are:

“Kurta pajama shaunk naal pawan, Ray-Ban laawan nazra te aawan,

Chitta kare black kurta pajama swag, Ikka, Preet Hundal, Mohali surnav”

For the full lyrics click here.

Ikka Kuta Pajama Banner

The song goes on to say that no matter what the occasion, event or function, a ‘Kurta Pajjama’ will be enough to suffice. The Kurta Pajama is the staple outfit of the north and such that they cannot do without it. They feel like something is amiss in their life if they do not wear the outfit. The rap is a treat to listen to and no one could have pulled it better than our R S Chauhan. He is, as you can say, the epitome of rap in the industry. One of the most talented artist who has a special knack for rap, he pulls it off effortlessly in the song.

All in all, the song is a must hear for all the fans and connoisseurs of desi hip-hop Punjabi music. Also to the fans of Ikka and R S Chauhan. In the end, all we would like to say is that we enjoyed the song. We wish that they release more songs like this in the near future.

Check out the song here: