Ikka Shares His Experience In An Exclusive Interview With Raaj Jones


‘Delhi Ka Sabse Filmy Launda’ yet again managed to get an interview with Ikka while he was in Delhi. In this interview, Ikka shared the experience he had while working with Dharma Production and about his forthcoming projects.

He told Raaj that how delighted he was while working with Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan, and Alia Bhatt for the title track of the upcoming film, ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania‘. Ikka mentioned that the lyrics of the track were penned by the well-known Bollywood lyricist Shabir Ahmed and was composed by Tanishk Bagchi. The track was created around six months ago when he got a call from Azeem, who makes decisions for the Dharma Productions. He told Ikka that his verse was loved by everyone and is going to be featured in their movie. Since its release, the track has crossed over 59 million views on YouTube.

Check out the title track of ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’:

When Raaj asked him about his singing, Ikka replied that he wants to do everything in his life. He doesn’t want to bound himself to only one thing. There are many projects lined up for him, like the track he is doing with R.S Chauhan called ‘Kurta Pajama’, and whose beat is produced by Preet Hundal. Apart from this, he is also collaborating with Dr.Zeus and Jasmine Sandlas and will be released soon. 2017 is going to be his years as he said, “Do hazar satrah, sabke lie khatrah“.

Amongst the Underground Artists, and Mainstream Ikka has a lot of favourites and he talks about how there are so many artists emerging. He speaks about how he admires  Divine and Sikander Kahlon. He finds depth in their lyrics and somehow he feels they resemble him and reminds him of his struggling days. Paardhaan, Naezy, Bohemia are some of his favourite artists in the scene. In the underground, he loves to listen to Raga and Muhfaad.

As the interview continued, they spoke about more things and in the end, Ikka thanked his fans. He said that his fans are like family to him and assures that he will continue to entertain them like he always does.

Check Out Ikka’s Exclusive Interview With Raaj Jones Here: