Ikka Confirms The Release Of ‘Shuruwat’

Ikka Shuruwat Image

Ikka, has posted the artwork of his yet to be released song titled ‘Shuruwat’ on his instagram handle. Owing the fact that Ikka is collaborating with DJ Harpz for a new song is enough to make us wait anxiously for the song. To be clear in all way, the song is set to be released in April. It seems like ‘Shuruwat’ is going to be the story of Ikka’s journey in a poetic manner.

Everyone knows Ikka, the voice behind ‘Kurta Pajjama’, ‘Half Window Down‘ and many more songs, he doesn’t require any more introduction. He is very well-known by the hip-hop audience as one of the most talented and versatile rappers in the whole industry right now.

Check out Ikka’s Instagram post confirming Shuruwat’s release:

About the artist- DJ Harpz

DJ Harpz is a disk jockey from Leicester, United Kingdom. He started his career as a DJ in the year of 2005. He has produced hit songs with. different artists like Bakshi Billa in ‘Jaan Nachdi‘, ‘England Waliye‘ and many more. Well, the most distinct thing about Harpz is that he is not like the other DJs, instead he is very much unlike them. He uses his own distinct style of sound and music which is exactly what makes him different and unique.

So in its entirety, we people are eagerly waiting for the song’s release and we can’t wait to see how the collaboration between Ikka and DJ Harpz will tend to work out. We can only hope for the best for them and hope that they’re yet to be released song ‘Shuruwat’ becomes a sensational hit and bring them all the love, affection and the recognition of their talent that they deserving of.