Ikka – All I Need (Video)


Making his move, Ikka is back with another track for all his followers, ‘All I Need‘, which released yesterday and the song created all the buzz you would expect from an Ikka drop. Reaching over 10,000 views in an hour, this single is for all the broken-hearted souls who have bad luck in love, but with a twist.


Ikka is not a new name in the music industry and has made his mark in everything he did. From writing lyrics to featuring in Bollywood and collaborating with big names, Ikka has it all in his bag. ‘All I Need‘ was composed by Rajat Nagpal and mix and mastered by Gaurav Dayal.

The song has a very R&B feel to it and in the generation where breakups are not a big deal and yet altogether a big deal, it gives the feel of both to the audience. With all the alcohol, girls, cars and beats, Ikka is dancing his way in his zone to forget the pain of his breakup yet only seeing the one he lost.

The video is shot by KayDee and has all the elements to become the new anthem for the ‘Sharaabi and Dil Toote Aashiq‘. From Babes to the rides, this song has Ikkas’ signature all over it, however, some parts of the video look very similar to the famous song ‘Hotline Bling‘ by Drake which won The MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video this year. Or maybe it’s just his way of dancing in it. Sponsors ‘BBT‘ (Big Boy Toys) can be seen ‘everywhere’ in the video…

Here is ‘All I Need’ to heal your sad broken heart with some jive, because what else do you need other than ‘Daaru, DJ, Dancefloor‘?

Check out the song and tell us what you thought :