Iggy Azalea Sampled “Bhootni Ke” By Daler Mehndi!

The Australian rapper Iggy Azalea‘s debut album, “The New Classic” came out in 2014. It instantly dominated the Billboards and cemented her place in the Hip-Hop scene as a poser to some or as a trend to others. “Bounce” song received a lot of controversy for it’s music video which to some for a bit racist and deeming to the Indian Culture.

Watch the music video for ‘Bounce’ below.

The 11th track of her debut album was “Lady Patra” which sampled the vocals of India’s Punjabi pride Daler Mehndi. The track which was sampled was “Bhootni Ke” song which was produced by Pritam for the 2008 blockbuster “Singh Is King“. The sample appears throughout the song and is pitched down to fit better. The producers for “Lady Patra” were The Arcade and The Invisible Men who made a dope beat using the vocals of Daler Mehndi.

Don’t believe me ? Check it out for yourself

And in the original Bhootni Ke song, the sample begins at 0:19 seconds.