“I Hate To Promise And Under Deliver” – Big Deal

Samir Mohanty aka Big Deal is a Banglore based music producer and Hip-Hop artist from Orissa, India. Hewas born to a Japanese mother and an Oriya father who developed his interest in music. His passion towards music took it’s flight and evolved him in to one of the most respected artists in the underground music scene right now. He has been representing Bangalore from a very long time now and his work with artists like Broda VSmokey The GhostDivine and others has been lauded by the Desi Hip-Hop heads worldwide.

Everyone who has been following his work must have heard his tagline that he has been using for a very long time now, yes, I’m talking about ‘A Kid With A Dream‘. Big Deal is all set to release his mixtape this month and you would have already guessed the title by now. He has named it ‘A Kid With A Dream‘. To know the details about his journey and the creation of this project, I decided to talk to him and here’s how our conversation went.

Big Deal
San Cha: How did you come up with your stage name? How has been your journey so far?

Big Deal: In the beginning when I started listening to rap music, I realised the term “Big Deal” gets thrown around a lot. But nobody had really adapted it into a stage name, yet. I thought it was perfect, catchy and it sticks.

The journey has been an uphill climb, difficult and strenuous but every bit as rewarding. I’m working to get to my peak before my time is done.

San Cha: You’re about to drop an EP. What was your inspiration behind creating this project?

Big Deal : Yes, the EP is called ‘One Kid With A Dream’. Being in India, kids are not allowed to follow their dreams, let alone live them. Parents are always forcing their unfulfilled dreams on their children and hoping that they will live it through their kids. While the kids are miserable and many even give up under that kind of pressure. Pressure to score good marks, to be a doctor, engineer, have a safe job with steady salary every month and finally get married, have kids and it’s déjà vu all over again. But I broke out of the cycle, as did many other kids. But we need more of these kids to challenge norms in the society and prove to the older generation that there is a career in the creative field too. That a kid can be a Hockey player or a wrestler or a musician as long as he perseveres and you support him. I’m trying to inspire that “One Kid With A Dream” to never give up, because I didn’t. Keep going and one day it’ll all be worth it.

San Cha: How is your EP different from your previous works? What should your fans expect this time?

Big Deal : Well, to start with, there’s a direction and a certain theme to this. The other projects were mostly singles and they didn’t really set my image in the right way. Fans can expect some real bangers, storytelling, heartbreak, and inspiration. The beats are nothing like that’s out nowadays, it’s unique, it’s banging and I’m sure they will work before my lyrics do. I’d say, be ready to be surprised in a great way.

San Cha: What do you think of the Desi Hip-Hop scene these days? How has it changed from the time you stepped in?
Big Deal: There are lot more opportunities these days and I’m making a career off rap from the past 2 years. Well, I’d give a lot of it to my production skills too. However, this is probably the best time for kids to enter the scene, it’s blooming and it’ll emerge as the next big thing in a few years. Great Rappers will blow up and a trend will follow.

Back when I started in 2010, there was absolutely nothing in Hip Hop to make money out of. Making a career of it was impossible. It’s crazy how far we have come, and how far we will go.

Big Deal-1

San Cha: Any artists who you like from the underground scene?

Big Deal: Loads actually. Bijju, Brodha V, Smokey, G’nie, Divine, Krsna, Raftaar, and a lot more names that I’m not able to remember right now.

San Cha: What are your future plans?

Big Deal: Tour for the EP with DesiHipHop.com, 2 more music videos from the EP, Speak on Tedx, be on the Rolling Stones’ cover, make my music reach the land of hip-hop: USA.

San Cha: There’re several underground artists who are new here. Would you like to work some of them?

Big Deal: Yeah, sure. But that also depends on how dope they are and how busy my schedule is. I hate to promise and under deliver. But more than as a rapper, I’d like to produce for dope underground rappers. I have been producing for a lot of rappers but I wanna branch out and hear more dope rappers kill my beats.

San Cha: You’ve performed several times at ‘Humming Tree’. Any fan moments from the same place?
Big Deal: Humming tree is definitely my favourite venue in the country. Well, it’s always a crazy time there so I can’t remember anything in specific. But the best part is when people start chanting the words to my songs. Songs that ain’t released yet, songs that they just heard, songs that are from the EP. So, stay tuned ;)
San Cha: Any messages for your fans?
Big Deal : Thanking for staying by me even when I didn’t release much music the last year. Thanks for contributing, spending money on me and validating this rap shit. This EP is a sincere thank you to all of you. I don’t believe in good music, I believe in great, groundbreaking music and I will present to you my debut EP “One Kid With A Dream” this month. Please be there to witness greatness.