Hurricane Speaks About The Rape Victims In “Dosh Pt.2”

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Himanshu Chauhan aka Hurricane, a Noida based rapper did a refix of Kendrick Lamar’s “Smokescreen”. He took the instrumental from the internet and spat his verse on it. Above all, he handled the post production, artwork, and spectrum visuals for his track “Dosh Pt.2”.

Dosh Part 2-Rape Victims-Delhi Rape Cases Image

In addition to “Dosh Pt.2”, the track deals with the rape victims especially the child who was brutally raped and has added into the growing numbers of Delhi rape cases.  In fact, it also shows the current conditions of our society and the attitude they have towards these incidences. Nowadays, people are so connected to social media that they forgot the real life and their responsibility to teach young minds.

When I asked Hurricane about “Dosh Pt.2” he said that:

“the idea of doing such a song came to me when I read an article about a 6-year-old girl child was being raped by 4 men and they put stones in her vagina but she survived. Our media played the classical role to earn their TRP ratings by providing us with inappropriate caption and details”.

The fact, that such a small child can be a victim of these kinds of things reminds him of his childhood in a certain manner and it’s so disturbing that a few days later another such incidence was highlighted.

“Choti si kali vo, galiyon mein pali vo.
Sabne kaha tha, too sambhal-ke chali vo.
Jis rang mein dhala, uss rang mein dhali vo.
Na jane fir uski, khusi na khali vo.
Rahein jo tang, usko na sahara tha.
Pyar ko vo dhundhe, duniyaa mein begara tha.
Apno se kesi sharm, usko ye gawara tha.
Khudke-hi nochenge, na usko samajh aaraa tha”.

We should support such tracks so that we can educate our young minds that not to pick wrong ways in your life. If you see someone is doing something wrong then raise your voice about it. Don’t let anyone ruin someone’s life for their pleasure. Support good music.