Hurricane Speaks Out His Heart In His Track ‘Culture Ke Liye’


Himanshu Chauhan who is known by his stage name Hurricane is a Delhi-based hip-hop artist. He started his career as a poetry writer and got inclined towards hip-hop when he heard ‘I Wanna F*ck You‘ by Akon. Even though he was unable to understand a single word from the song, he fell in love with it. He started reading about the hip-hop culture and moment to have a broader view and perception of what it actually was. WU-Tang Clan, NAS, RAKIM, Tupac, Biggie, were to name a few who inspired him but he connected more with Eminem because he had a rough childhood too.

Hurricane made this track ‘Culture Ke Liye‘ because he found out about the illest behaviour of desi hip-hop underground scene. Everybody is trying to diss someone in most of the songs and they demotivate the culture itself and then they call themselves an artist. He knows that ‘dissing’ is an integral part of hip-hop but if you try to listen to underground songs they all include in each and every song  “Mein tera baap hu, tu kuch nahi, rap chod do, ye koi Khel nahi”. Even some big names are sounding monotonous to him. The whole track is mixed and mastered by him. This guy has a nice flow and the output of the track is quite nice.
Hurricane Culture Ke liye Image
Apart from this he also released ‘Dosh’ which was inspired by the backlash from Bangalore molestation incident. After the incidence people were blaming artists for their sensual content and explicit lyrics. The Delhi University even banned Raftaar, Badshah, and many other artists from performing on the campus. Hurricane decided to make a track regarding this issue and he composed the whole track in one day and did the mixing/mastering as well. The track has a good message that is why Raftaar and Manj Musik also liked it and retweeted.

Check Out His Track ‘Culture K lie’ Here: