How Humble The Poet Caught Kanye West’s Attention

Kanye West recently tweeted an image of a shirt which had, half My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and half Swift’s 1989. It was however the caption “unity love,” which sort of caught up everyone’s attention.

The shirt has been designed by none other than Humble the Poet, who posted photos of himself in the shirt alongside Kanye West while they were hanging out backstage at the Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, as well as a back view of the garment, which is emblazoned with the words ‘Unity Is Immunity to Bullshit’ in Pablo font.

humble the poet kanye west pablo unity

Humble the poet was invited by Ty Stiklorius who is John Legend’s manager who also suggested him to wear something cool as they might be on the red carpet. He worked alongside Sandy Gill who has worked with Humble previously as well.

Kanye said, “That’s a really cool shirt. Let me take a picture of it.” On seeing Humble rocking that shirt.

kanye west humble the poet

Humble is known for selling customized merchandise however he made it very clear that he had no intention of making any profit of this design. He mentioned it in an interview that he is more than happy that Kanye West took notice of his efforts, his exact words were “I guess imitation’s the best form of flattery.”

As of right now, that photo that Kanye posted has 57,000 retweets and almost 150,000 likes. Neither Kanye or Taylor Swift have gone ahead to mention anything about their feud………. Maybe the shirt was effective, who knows ?