Humble The Poet Covers The Weekend’s ‘Starboy’

“Starboy” track from the album Starboy is one commercially successful R&B song sung by Canadian artist “The Weeknd”. It was released on 22nd September 2016 and includes the French electronic duo Daft Punk.

Starboy topped the charts of many countries such as Canada, France, Netherlands, New Zealand and Sweden. It also topped the US Billboard Hot 100 which is the third time for The Weeknd that one of his songs topped again and it was the first time for one of Daft Punk’s songs also.

And as the custom goes, it wasn’t much time after the release of the song that many people started covering it and posting their videos on YouTube. Of all the people, one is desi rapper “Humble The Poet” covered it too. But he didn’t just sing the song, instead, he gave it a twist by using his own lyrics along the song instrumental cover.

Humble The Poet used the song to convey a message through it. He says that though he is new to the world of rap he has worked hard for it, he wasn’t spoon fed or that he had a mentor from whom he learned how to rap. All of his songs are due to his raw natural innate talent. Though his stage name has Humble in it, he says not to mistake him for a modest person because he knows his strengths and flaws and he is proud of it. He then went on to talk about his community which he is proud of and says that it is full of warriors and poet.

He also mentions how hip hop changed his life completely though he always tried to stay positive in life. He says the people who think that he is a whack don’t know what rap is. He wants the people like him to be strong in the face of adversity because until they are strong, they will face racism in their life and could be manipulated by other people.

He then goes on to speak about his family in the Canada and of how his father used to drive a taxi and how hard his parents worked to raise him as a good human being. He also speaks that he lost all respect and patience for fake people and about the sacrifices he made for hip hop and how nothing comes to you for free.

Humble goes on to say that though he is earning good money through his songs, he is not letting the limelight blind him. With every failure, he is learning something and that he will not let his failures get into his way of becoming a great rapper. He warns every other rapper in the industry to watch out for him because he is going to raise the bar so high that it will be difficult for then to compete with him.

About the artist:

Humble The Poet’s real name is Kanwer Singh and is based out of Canada. He was an elementary school teacher who started rapping in 2008 by posting his videos on YouTube. He officially adopted his stage name in 2009, when he released ‘The Poet Project’ which he launched as a platform where he could share his works and inspire people.

In his career, he has been featured in publications and on hip hop websites such as “MTV Iggy”, “MTV K”, “Rolling Stone”, “FHM”, “World Star Hip Hop” and much more.

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