Hubbo Lays Down The Freshness in ‘True Say’ (Mixtape)

21 year old Hubbo out of Vancouver, Canada, styles his music in multiple genres, from Hip Hop and R&B to hints of soul in his melodic ballads.


True Say is his latest addition to his musical arsenal. After working on the mixtape for close to a year, he has come up with some of his most honest work to date.

All of the lyrics and melodies are original pieces of work only choosing the best tracks that reflect true and relevant circumstances he has been through.

“I’ve always wanted to make music that people can turn up loud and blast from their cars with lyrics that are catchy that they can scream from the top of their lungs. True Say has melodies that make you want to move but also strike a chord within your soul at the same time.” – Hubbo

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After listening to the first track off the tape you’ll realise that Hubbo isn’t holding anything back. It’s clear that what you’re about to hear in True say is something you have never heard from Hubbo before. He touches on personal topics that he has never shared. Doing so while rapping and singing original melodies helping you understand issues that have been weighing on his mind.

True Say has helped Hubbo deal with a variety of different struggles he has had from financial issues , relationships with females , family and friends, and himself.

“I speak about how I’ve learned to accept these struggles and i’m Learning to find the beauty in all of it. ” -Hubbo

True Say is available for free to stream & download on Soundcloud.