How this Telugu Rap Song Scored High in the US

Regional rap has always had the power to relate to the masses more because when it’s in a language that you grew up with and can understand the nuances of it, makes a world of a difference. If you have watched the movie Hyderabad Blues or if you have Telugu friends, you’d know that every Telugu person has family in the US, mostly working in the IT industry. Just like people from Kerala have family in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.


Ivvalane is an EDM track with Telugu rap, that is making waves in the US. It is apparently the first Telugu rap song to be screened in the theatres. Tipiri Tipiri composed by Rahul aka Roll Rida and featuring MC Mike and Uneek is about living in the city of Hyderabad. Like many other rappers, these artists started writing in English but somewhere along the way realized that their strength lay in their own language. They embraced it and brought the Hyderabad spirit through and through with this song.

The artists have been touted for their other hit numbers including Jhim-pak Chipak which was their last release as well. The collaborators are focusing on Tollywood and bringing rap into mainstream. According to the composer Rahul, rapping for movies is very different than putting out your own music. It is also a very tiny component of the whole movie and hence difficult to catch people’s attention but if done well and it does get people to take notice, the market is huge and reaps that much more.

All of them have day jobs as their passion is not enough to keep them going financially. They get their music money via gigs and YouTube hits. The trio have big plans for the future. Rahul hopes to meet and collaborate with more international artists in the future and the rappers Mike and Uneek’s goals include launching their own YouTube page that will also double up as a platform for newer talents.