Why You Have To Check Out ‘Hip-Hop Highway’ Episode 4

The new episode of ‘ Hip-Hop Highway’ hosted by ‘Delhi ka sabse filmy launda’  Raaj Jones is out. You will hear him explore the desi hip-hop scene through the crews making big news across the subcontinent. In this episode, we will hear a few artists. One of them is K M Skibkhan Sayeed aka Skibkhan who is a Bangladesh-based hip-hop artist and co- founder of Desi MC’s and the pioneer of Bangla hip-hop. He talks about how he changed his style from Gangsta hip-hop to Real rap in order to spread some social message in his tracks.

Xpolymer Dar, a Pakistan-based hip-hop artist and associated with a crew called Rap Engineers will also appear on it. He recently did a cypher for Team Back Pack which is an organisation that supports hip-hop artist throughout the world. Dar shares his experiences about how difficult it was back then to be a rapper. He also talks about his controversial collab with Lazarus that didn’t happen because of some reasons. He talks about his struggle and various controversies and industry politics and he also mentioned some fresh names for the desi hip-hop scene that you all should check out.

The next to appear was OJ Da who is a Tamil rapper from Sri Lanka. He talks about the difficulties he faced in the initial stage of his career and about his mixtape ‘Agarathi’. He spoke about how he got into this rap game and his inspiration and influences in the hip-hop. He mostly raps about social issues and tries to spread humanity through his tracks. He also mentioned about a few Indian rappers.

These are the artist that are going to feature on the latest episode of Hip-Hop Highway. Apart from that, there is also an exclusive interview with Manj Musik in which he is going to share his musical journey experiences, and about RDB and his working experience with two legends SnoopDogg and T-pain and how is he going to contribute to the desi hip-hop culture.

Raaj Jones also spoke about ‘Young Stunners‘ the rap duo from Karachi, Pakistan.  ‘Mission In Action’ the first hip-hop crew from Sri Lanka.

Three different Nations but the common thing between them is desi hip-hop and this episode you surely don’t want to not miss out on as there will be so much to learn from these rappers.

Check out the interview here.